New IP address for Teamspeak and Servers.

My gateway went fubar and I had to replace it, this resulted in a change of IP address.

New IP is will still connect.


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New Minecraft Server

It’s been a long time but I have a new Minecraft server setup, running a mod pack we haven’t tried before, it’s called All The Mods.

You can get the client at

You will need to create a curse account if you don’t have one, login and click the Minecraft tab.

Install and then search for modpack “all the mods”  Install.


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Photography… what we do!

Two of us here are both heavily into photography, Wade and myself (Craig).  We both shoot a lot, and both maintain an online gallery.

You can view Wade’s Wade Thweatt Photography, and Mine Calisnaps Photography.



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Minecraft server is live and TS issue resolved.

We have had teamspeak issues just lately caused by an attempt to hack and or sabotage the server, no real damage was caused and the server is back up and running.

The flight server is now operational again and available on the IP address shown on teh right.

The minecraft modpack is live and working well after many months of testing, if you want to play on it and do not have access, contact Craig on Teamspeak.


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New Minecraft Modpack coming Soon!

After a coupe of years of playing digital lego, I have started putting together my own Technology based Modpack, this is currently in Alpha testing and will go Beta pretty soon.

Craig / MTN2035 / DBCooper69

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