Southward bound once more!

The best laid plans of mice and men….. despite my intentions of doing weekly updates, I am clearly sucking at it!

Since my last report I have made my way up the Aluetians in surprisingly good weather. Took a few days off in Idaho before racing down through New Mexico and Texas into Mexico proper. There I stalled for another week as I had to take time away from the RTW trip to make some money and pay some bills! Got started again with 11 hours of flying in the last 24, making my way through Guatemala, Nicoragua, Columbia and Brazil.

Climbing to FL190 was a new altitude record for the trip as I climbed over the Andes in thick cloud and high winds. Burned way more fuel than expected and my 45 minute reserve turned into 2.1 gallons in the tanks when I finally touched down.

Given the fact I find few illuminated airports and alternates are usually far away, I will be carrying at least a 90 minute reserve through South America. Next it’s onto the jungles of Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina…. before the long flight over water to Antartica! Here’s hoping I continue to find fuel pretty easily… and the plane is only 3 hours from the second 100hr of the trip.

Was surprised by the Vatsim coverage so far in South America, been good.

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