Round the World via Flight Sim, Day 2.

So the plan is around the world…. but it doesn’t stop the entrepreneur in me!

Still have 65% of my MTOW taken up with the load Algeria, apparently it’s next door to Tunisia! But that leaves me room, and my job finder calls me and tells me he has a quick job, 4 sets of gold clubs from EBFN to LFQJ down in France, well, can’t say no, it’s a few more $$$’s an it’s on my way!

I prep the plane for another very early departure and take off in the dark of A European pre-dawn, it’s cold and cloudy, IFR plan in hand I climb aboard and set off on my 70nm hop, should be on the ground in 35 minutes. Country number 3 is in sight.

The flight goes without a hitch and I drop the clubs on the loading dock, gas the plane to almost full and set off again as quick as I can, this time headed east and back into Belgium and onto an Air force base, picking up 3 officers who are headed to Italy, I’ve already talked to them and may be able to persuade them to take the extra few hours and let me get my load dropped in Algeria first… that way I can drop them on my way back NE and save some miles and time.

The flight to the base is a wonderful experience, with the suns peeking over the Eastern horizon as I climb into the skies for the 20 minute hop to the base.

These short flights aren’t getting me around the world very fast!

Count: Flights 3, 298 NM’s, 2:37 Hrs, 3 Countries, 1 Continent

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