New Desk, Sim and arrival in the USA!

Well with building a new sim desk, gutting my machine and replacing Graphic’s cards, power supply and cooling fans and trying to fly as well I have neglected this thread somewhat!

So in the last Month I have made my way north through Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Japan (Again), Russia and finally made my Way up the Aleutian Chain. My Seneca currently sits at PADQ. I’ve flown through Japanese snow storms, Russian thunderstorms and freezing fog and icing in both Korea and Alaska. I’ve met soem great controllers on Vatsim, including the one in Korea who helped guide me to the airport in fog when my GPS and compass stopped working (Sim error rather than a plane failure).

The USA makes my 33rd Country, 5th Continent and I figure about 1/3rd of the way there.

17695 nm flown
98 flights
123 Hrs 54 Minutes.

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