I’ll bring back a boomarang!

Well I finally touched down on Mainland Australian soil!

Australia makes it 27 countries, my 4th Continent, 10884nm by direct routes, in reality it is more of course. 69 flights. Total time in the air, 79 hours and 11 minutes, all on Vatsim, however I have had controllers for less than 6 hours of that LOL.

While Australia is halfway around the world from where I stated, I figure I am actually only around 1/4 done with the trip. I plan on crossing the equator 3 more times, hitting the last 3 continents and probably another 30,000 nm or so!

Averaging around 138 KIAS, `58 nm per flight… I should get a softer cushion!

So after a long and restful 20 minutes taking in the sites of Australia, I climbed back aboard and set off back North for East Timor!

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