Half a tank of Gas, a full pack of Cigarettes, it’s dark, and I’m wearing sunglasses!

I’d decided in a moment of drunken bravado to start a round the world trip, after another session of rum it turned into a 7 continent flight! It’s now a few days later, I’m the proud owner of a low hour Piper Seneca I bought in Scotland and my only time in it was ferrying it to the city of my Birth, Nottingham, England.

Funded by my Graphic design sideline, the plane is paid for and I have v$10k to pay for initial expenses and unexpected repairs.

I had my cash, passport and Visa’s in my briefcase and a decent cargo headed south to Tunisia that would almost double my available funds. I had planned a 3pm departure when my booking agent got wind of 3 guys that wanted a ride over to Belgium, was going add another $1500 to my gas fund and I agreed to carry them over, would leave me less than 30lbs under the planes MTOW, but what the heck, money was money.

They were late, should of been here at 5pm, and now it was 8pm…. and two of them were wasted. “Sorry guys, not carrying you in my plane drunk, go get some coffee and a meal, meet me back here at 11PM”. By the time they got back and we were loaded, and cleared my 3PM had turned to an AM…. Had planned to fly VFR but the weather at the destination for these guys was pretty bleak, so IFR had to be it.

The flight was uneventful, I’d decided to test the Oxygen systems on the bird and filed for 15000 and it wasn’t until we dropped back through the clouds I saw just how ugly this was going to get…

METAR EBFN 16th @ 0325Z, wind from 170 at 4 KT, visibility 3600′, Weather: mist, Sky: scattered at 900, overcast at 1100, temperature 4, dewpoint 3, altimeter 1019 mb.

No instrument procedures at this airport and the mist was coming in and out rapidly. On the third time around I had enough of a line on the runway and put her down, somewhat harder than I expected too, but nothing broke and that was the first leg out of the way.

Count: Flights 1, 176 NM’s, 1:25 Hrs, 2 Countries, 1 Continent

Tech Info:
Sim: Microsfot FSX + Accelleration
Plane: Carenado Piper PA-34 Seneca II 200T
Time Compression will not be used.
Weather: Real World (Via REX Essentials)
Online: Vatsim will be used as much as possible.

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