GLB – Season 14 starts Saturday.

By Bort

The last day of offseason is THIS FRIDAY. That is the last day to boost for season 13, and the last day to get stadium sections queued up! Also, thanks for your patience with all the league stuff this offseason; I hope it can help give you all some more fun and competitive games in the future!

That makes season 14 start on Saturday, and the first preseason games on Sunday.

I’ve been working with the testers and QA group during the last couple of days to iron out a few details on the things we’ve been working out this last season, and build a list of stuff that’s ready to go. The following is what we’ve been working on, and should be good to go for Saturday:

Sim and Tactics
– Updates to QB targeting method, showing a line where the QB is looking during his checkdowns
– Updates to QB’s “openness check” and read ahead ability to work better in general
– Allow changing of QB checkdown progressions via AI or package
– Slow down reaction time in zone D, to more human speeds
– Increase PD/Int chance for defenders
– Increase QB “scramblyness” to allow him more freedom of movement as if he were super-elusive
– Fix for spy QB to follow QB properly and work better
– Basic tactics spy QB options
– Add ability to allow QB to audible leaving blockers in when faced with a blitz
– Reduce encroachment penalty rate
– Improvements to elusive running style, including running out of bounds frequency
– Add a balance loss effect when being faked by a juke or head fake, making tackling harder after fake
– Allow G’s to head down field like lead blockers on running plays when they are not blocking anyone at the line
– Improve plays that include pulling G’s, allow G’s to turn more easily when pulling
– Improve some of the lead blocking routes for FB/TE on pitch plays

AI interface
– Remove “I (Any)” from Defense AI and replace with simply “I”
– Remove Big I, Singleback Big from AI, since there are no plays with those formations
– Add “insert input here” link to AI, in addition to the normal “add at end”

– Shift DPC’s flats zones a bit further into the actual flats
– Add option for “zone immediate” to DPC which tells players to rush to their zone as quickly as possible without reading the play

Other Website Stuff
– Quick links to common team tasks on home page list of teams owned
– Video tutorials on common newbie areas
– Build total SP value is now calculated and displayed on player page, along with a comparison to the average value for that level. Team roster page shows the average of the top half of the players on the team.

We are also working on some new plays with the help of the community. If we get some good ones built and tested, we will add them during the preseason/season as required. Check out Stobie’s thread in the main GLB forum if you want to help out!

I have also got one more wait list run queued up to sell the rest of the lv 14 and 4 teams that have not had spots claimed yet, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re on the list.

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