About BobsBunker

Bob’s bunker is taking a new direction and plans to build on our current members to grow and expand our current project, a flight simming community!

This is Bob’s Bunker, it used to be a Counter-Strike resource site with scripts, sprays, skins, models and tutorials for Counter-Strike. It never did have any hacks or cheats such as wall-hack, aimbot or headshot scripts. They are for lamers!

I ran the Counter-Strike Site for over 6 years, I finally closed it in early 2007. Sorry if you came here looking for CS stuff, I just don’t have it anymore.

Now it’s my playground… which means it is mainly going to contain stuff appertaining to Flightsimming, Golf, Goal line Blitz and photography…..

Craig AKA EnglishBob AKA MTN2035.

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